Intel Briefs

No Progress in Syria

Proxy war between the United States and Russia continues in Syria with no progress.

United States Lose Philippines as Ally

The United States have lost Philippines as an ally, with the latter reinforcing ties with China.

African States Leave International Criminal Court (ICC)

South Africa is the latest country to announce it is leaving the ICC, following announcements by Burundi and Kenya. 

Russia Deploying Towards Europe

Russia is continuing to move troops and missiles with nuclear capabilities towards Europe, and in increasing its rhetoric.

France Moves Against Immigration

The French government has ordered the removal of illegal migrant camp in Calais, and will deport or detain in immigration centers its 10,000 occupants.

Economic Outlook Degrades in the United Kingdom

More companies in the United Kingdom have announced job cuts due to a slow down of the economy following Brexit.

Scotland Independence Referendum

Scotland introduces a proposed second independence referendum.

CETA Free Trade Agreement Stalls

Proposed Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union is opposed and stalled by the Belgian Province of Wallonie.