Intel Briefs

U.S. Troops to Be Stationed in Norway

For the first time since WWII, about 300 U.S. Marines will be stationed at Værnes Air Station, in Stjørdal, near Trondheim. The decision by the Norwegian female minister of defense (Høyre - Conservative Party) goes against the position of the Norwegian military and the will of the majority of Norwegians.  

Icelanders Expected to Drastically Change Direction of Country

Iceland elections are being held on October 29, 2016, with Píratar (Pirates Party) expected to get a lead. Píratar promote open borders, repelling of copyright laws, and regressive liberalism.

Upcoming Maunder Minimum and Mini Ice Age

Mathematical models are showing a change in the sun's magnetic activity expected between 2030 and 2040, leading to a Maunder Minimum. This cyclic phenomenon has previously been seen as the cause of Europe mini Ice age of 1645-1715.

Canada Europe Trade Agreement (CETA) Expected to be Ratified

Wallonie has dropped its opposition to the CETA provisions that allow foreign corporations to dictate domestic policy by bypassing sovereign courts in favor of international arbitration systems. The trade agreement between Canada and Europe is therefore expected to be partially implemented as early as 2017.

Canada Criminalizes Disagreement with Transgenderism

Bill C-16 now makes it a crime to not refer to a transgender person by the pronoun of their choice. Canada, however, still remains in violation of actual human rights. This includes torturing prisoners, indefinitely holding accused parties without trials, and failing to provide the necessities of life to its first nations.

Oregon Wildlife Refuge Protesters Found Not Guilty

The ranchers who had occupied an Oregon Wildlife Refuge, over what they deemed to be unlawful interference by the federal government in private citizens and ranchers' affairs, have been cleared of conspiracy and firearm charges, and have been acquitted.