Intel Briefs

Trump Elected President of the United States

Despite extensive media coverage favoring the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump was elected on November 8, 2016 as the 45th President of the United States. With this election, American people expressed their rebuke of the Washington establishment, feminism, and regressive liberalism. 

Sweden Nervous about Defense Agreement

Sweden is seeking re-assurance from Trump about a defense cooperation agreement recently signed with the Obama administration. It fears the agreement may not be upheld by the new White House administration.

Canada Lowering Threshold for Sexual Assault Again

Canadian Judge Jerry LeGrandeur recently deprived males of their ability to engage in consensual sex with women without the fear of being deemed a sex offender, when he stated, during a trial and with respect to a woman consenting to sex, “She can change her mind in seconds. She can change it in the middle of consensual sex and it becomes unconsensual". 

Norway Extends Border Checks until February 2017

Norway will continue border controls on all ferry passengers arriving from Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, until at least February 2017.